Open heavy doors with the slightest force

ECO ETS – the electric motor drive for automatic doors

It is also important to incorporate safe door solutions in buildings frequented by more vulnerable people. including old people’s homes, hospitals and kindergartens. Providing the greatest possible level of accessibility also includes ensuring that heavy doors can be opened safely and easily.

This is precisely where our electric motor door closers come into play, opening up doors and spaces for everyone.

We make the process of installing the ETS as easy as possible for you.

Each of our drives comes complete with a comprehensive information pack containing:

  • Mounting instructions
  • Installation aid
  • Cable plans
  • User guides
  • Inspection logs
  • DIBt certificates
  • TÜV certificates
  • Clarification forms
  • Declarations of conformity

Our top tip for straightforward assembly

The ECO installation aid

is to always keep all technical guides relating to our electronic door closers, whether printed or in PDF format, close to hand – even on the construction site.

ECO installation aid

Please contact our intelligent door management service if you have any questions that are not covered here.

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Hands off!

Thomas Schwerdtfeger on barrier-free and contactless door systems in sanitary environments and WCs

ECO ETS – Electric motor drives

The ECO ETS brochure gives you an overview of our electric motor drives along with all of the associated advantages and possibilities. It is available via the zoom and scroll function as well as for download.

All other ECO brochures are also available here in downloadable PDF format.

Your dedicated contact at ETS

If you have a specific request in mind or would simply like some more information, please contact our ECO sales team.

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