The free swing door closer
for all installation situations

Radical simplification of product variants.

This means: lower storage costs and smooth processes on the construction site. Because the ECO FTS III covers all four assembly positions:

  • Door leaf and head mounting, each on hinge and opposite hinge side
  • DIN left and DIN right


When accessibility with a high level of operating convenience is required: The FTS III makes it possible to open and close doors with little effort.


If a smoke protection or smoke-tight door with self-closing according to EN 1154 is specified: Our newly developed R III slide rail with integrated smoke detector turns the free swing door closer into the ECO FTS-R III.

  • 4 installation types, one closing body
    Door leaf and frame installation each on hinge and opposite hinge side, DIN left = DIN right
  • Opening angle
    up to 180°
  • Full cover
    Optional full cover made of stainless steel (V2A) for FTS body and guide rail
  • Activation of the free swing  function
    already from 1° opening angle
  • Continuous design
    suitable for the ECO Newton door closer generation
  • Expandable for double-leaf systems
All product details

Standard installation

The ECO FTS III and the ECO FTS-R III with integrated smoke detector can be installed in standard installation in DIN-L and DIN-R as well as on the hinge and opposite hinge side. Only one variant is needed at a time. This saves storage capacity and prevents incorrect orders.

New construction or renovation - one solution

The cable connections of the free swing door closer can be done internally or surface installed.


Picture: ECO FTS-R III (internal cable installation)

Everything upside down?
No problem!

For frame installation, ECO Schulte has developed a variant consisting of the ECO FTS III free swing door closer and the ECO RSZ III smoke control unit, installed on a specially adapted mounting plate for frame installation. The height-adjustable slide rail ECO GS-HF is installed on the door leaf.

All cable connections are concealed here, there is no visible transition to the door leaf.


Picture: ECO FTS III with GS-HF (surface cable installation)

Applications with two door leaves

For double-leaf doors, the ECO FTS III can be combined with the ECO SR III and ECO SR-R III slide rails.
The ECO FTS III slide rail door closer with free swing function operates the active leaf. Our TS-61 or TS-62 door closers are suitable for the inactive leaf.

Awarded for form and function

The FTS III was awarded the ICONIC AWARD: Innovative Interior 2023. The award honours relevant contemporary developments as well as special design achievements. Both apply to the FTS III:

In addition to its functional qualities for more accessibility and safety, the FTS III convinces with its simple design in a unified cut.

As part of ECO Schulte's system technology for doors, the FTS III fits perfectly, both aesthetically and technically, into any door planning for nursing homes, kindergartens, hospitals - wherever doors need to function with little effort and a high level of safety.

As the FTS-R III, the free swing door closer also has a smoke detector function: Safety in all sensitive living and working areas.

Assembly drawings



Direct installation
Standard profile
Adaptation profile

Standard profile DIN left
Direct installation DIN left
Direct installation DIN right
Direct installation OEM DIN right
Adaptation profile DIN left
Adaptation profile DIN right
Adaptation profile OEM DIN right
Lintel bracket DIN right
Lintel bracket OEM DIN right

Direct installation DIN right
Direct installation OEM DIN right
Direct installation DIN left 1380-1320
Direct installation DIN left 1490-1385
Direct installation DIN left 2800-1495

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The new ECO FTS-R III together with our TS-61 (3-6) - a fantastic complete system solution

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