We plan, network, design and develop

When it comes to door hardware, we always take an all-encompassing approach. After all, it is only through the interaction of all key elements that perfect functionality and standard-compliant safety can be guaranteed. This is the fundamental idea behind our coordinated system technology.

Experience and innovative spirit

With our innovative spirit and almost 100 years of experience, we are constantly meeting the challenge of product development in line with market and order requirements. This is what has allowed us to develop a cross-system design while continuously working on the networking capabilities of our products and integrating them into a modern building management system.

The products in our system range allow door functionalities to be planned quickly, comprehensively and in compliance with the relevant standards. Everything fits together, and everything harmonises in terms of the technology, finish and overall look. Something else to make planning even easier is that, with ECO Schulte, you only need a single point of contact for complete door functionality.

Planning doors

Our intelligent door management offers everything you need to integrate the door into the building management system. From planning through to the finished product, we’re right by your side – whether you need a stand-alone solution or digital integration into surveillance, security or building management systems.

Networking doors

We offer you the productive tools you need to bring your ideas to life. It might be that you’re looking for an integrated design that fits authentically into the architecture, or perhaps you’d like to add an accent feature to really highlight your door – together, we will find the perfect solution, from time-honoured classics through to bespoke designs.

Designing doors

We have all the development and solution competence required to handle all hardware on the door. Our specialists implement customer requests and specifications reliably and develop for both series and individual production. It is not without reason that we are among the top 100 most innovative companies in Germany.

Developing doors

ECO image book

The ECO image book has been designed to showcase our diverse range of skills in a clear and tangible way.

ECO Schulte is a family business with its own production facilities. With us by your side, you can PLAN any door situation, create an appealing DESIGN, and even connect it to a NETWORK. We also DEVELOP custom solutions.

You can take a look at the image book using the zoom and scroll function directly in your browser or download it here (PDF).

All ECO brochures are available here as a PDF download.