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Even easier to open

Even stiff locks, multi-point locks and double-leaf doors can now be opened with less effort thanks to our patented new link technology within the unlocking solution.

The Guardian EPN 2000 III, for example, represents a new generation of panic exit devices as a touch bar, type B according to EN 1125.

Even easier to install

Never have the wrong product on the construction site again with the ECO Guardian EPN 2000 III, which can be can be cut to length on site. This also makes storage easier and clearer.

With a minimum length of 500 mm, it is one of the shortest touch bars on the market.

Even safer release

The operating surface of the touch bar moves parallel to the door surface when actuated, and the side covers are also integrated into the housing. This reduces the risk of injury in large crowds because no edges protrude into the escape route.

This is also an advantage for vibration-free patient transport in a clinic, as the bed can no longer get caught on potentially protruding side covers.

Even lower height

The height of the ECO Guardian EPN 2000 III is significantly lower than that of many comparable touch bars. Not only does this enable wider escape routes within the building, but it also adds an aesthetic highlight to the door.

Don’t panic, it looks better now!

Tobias Peters on compact new panic solutions

“The new touch bar design ensures that people can leave a danger zone at any time, even in a panic situation: All they have to do is press the horizontal actuation element and the lock will disengage – even when loaded from the inside – so that the door can be opened. The unlocking mechanism can be triggered at any point along the effective length of the push bar.”

Thomas Schwerdtfeger, Product Manager

Performance criteria

  • Actuation type: Touch bar
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Fixing axis:
    1,000 mm 1,120 mm (special lengths available on request at additional cost)
  • Same version for DIN-L / DIN-R
  • Suitable for fire and smoke control doors
  • Tested acc. to EN 1125

Performance criteria

  • Actuation type: Touch bar
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Fixing axis:
    1,000 mm 1,120 mm (special lengths available on request at additional cost)
  • Same version for DIN-L / DIN-R
  • Suitable for fire and smoke control doors
  • Tested acc. to EN 1125

For retrofitting and automation:


with electromagnetic locking

Planners and professional door builders now have a solution for the retroactive automation of escape route doors. With the electromagnetic version of the ECO GUARDIAN EPN 2000 III, they can offer a standard-compliant and cost-effective solution.

Automation saves the day

With purely mechanical panic doors, a fundamental problem that often arises relates to improper use:

in kindergartens, children are not allowed to go outside unsupervised; at airports, misuse can lead to danger; and in shops, the emergency exit should not offer an easy escape route for would-be thieves.

This is where automation with electromagnetic locking offers the ideal solution.

Simple retrofitting

The mechatronic Guardian EPN 2000 III operates with integrated electromagnetic locking and unlocking. This means that, in combination with a door closer and an FTI escape route terminal, a standard mechanical panic door can be upgraded to a mechatronic door in accordance with EN 13637.

Minimal effort

It takes no virtually no effort at all to replace an existing mechanical push bar with the mechatronic Guardian EPN 2000 III.

After all, the entire electromechanics are already integrated in the product. Even the effort required to establish the power connection is minimal, as it is only required on the hinge side of the door.

Establishing mechatronic safety with the panic door couldn’t be easier.


1 EPN 2000 III – mechatronic with blocking and motor

2FTI escape route terminal

3Flush-mounted power supply unit 

4ETS 42

5 Flatscan

6Mains connection

Externally, the Guardian EPN 2000 III with purely mechanical and electromagnetic locking differ only by an LED on the lock side: This lights up red if the door is electronically locked, and changes to green when unlocked. It also means that the LED has an additional guiding function in the event of a panic outbreak.

Advantages of electromagnetic locking

The electromagnetic locking mechanism is fully integrated into the housing of the EPN 2000 III. In the case of retrofitting, the existing mechanical panic locks are used. What this means is that, even with multi-point locking or double-leaf doors, all dead bolts are blocked until released by the electronics.

This therefore offers a major advantage over emergency exit door opening mechanisms and holding magnets:<br/> These only hold the doors at a single point and can warp due to vibrations, plus the mechanical parts can also be damaged.

Another advantage becomes apparent when retrofitting fire doors:<br/> Emergency exit door opening mechanisms or holding magnets must not be retrofitted anyway when converting to mechatronics, as milling work is not permitted for these solutions.

Safety through electronic unlocking

The electronic unlocking allows emergency exit doors to be automated in everyday operation.

In response to an electrical signal, a motor retracts the push bar and thereby unlocks the mechanical panic locks. The motor and mechanics in the panic bar are decoupled.

This means that, in the event of a panic outbreak, the mechanism functions safely even if the motor is currently engaged. As a result, any mechanical panic door can be automated with swing leaf door operators, access controls or an FTA ECO Vent.

“The ECO Guardian EPN 2000 III with electromagnetic locking is a fundamental innovation that makes it possible to upgrade emergency exits to mechatronic panic doors in accordance with the new EN 13637 standard. All the requirements of the standard are met without compromising the aesthetic qualities of the door, as holding magnets and emergency exit door opening mechanisms are no longer required.”

Thomas Schwerdtfeger, Product Manager

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