ITM - Intelligent
Door Management

The door is part of the building system. We offer everything that is required to integrate the door into the building management system. From support during planning to the product. From stand-alone solutions to digital integration in monitoring, security or building management systems - always interface-open solutions for your individual needs. We guarantee you a future-proof solution.

Under the term ITM - Intelligent Door Management - we combine mechanics, mechatronics and IT to create forward-looking complete packages with the corresponding engineering and service offers:

ITM - solving complex tasks

A world of doors

The urban world from above: a world full of intelligently managed doors. Hardware, mechatronics and software are integrated into the building and fire alarm technology. They grant or deny access. They open doors and close them again. They create escape routes and secure fire protection sections. They identify users via fingerprints or card systems, they document access and report unauthorised activities. They protect belongings - and at the same time make them safely usable for authorised persons. And last but not least: they save lives.

We call it Intelligent Door Management (ITM).

Individual & contactless function doors

With our swing door drives - combined with contactless control elements - we design your door to be fully automated and „touch free“. You can plan with us individually for each use case, e.g. with one radar detector and one touch-free button. This makes automatic doors not only hygienic, but also convenient, safe, energy-saving and optimises the processes within the building.

Harmonious door movement: Motorised opening and controlled closing

The ETS from ECO Schulte is a powerful, low-noise, electric motor drive for heavy interior and exterior doors weighing up to 400 kg (250 kg for fire/smoke protection doors). Suitable for new installations and modernisations alike.

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Escape routes are by no means modern inventions! Already in the Middle Ages there were escape and secret routes to escape unseen from enemies.

Today, completely different requirements apply to escape routes. Together with you, we will find the right solution - completely safe according to standards.

It has always been our aim to develop a system so that people can safely leave a building in an emergency - ECO Schulte has been focusing on the motto ever since:

„Always out safely.“

There are many challenges for building doors, especially when escape route safety has to be combined with smoke/heat extraction requirements and safety. The new FTA ECO-Vent meets all these challenges with one system. During daytime operation, it functions like a normal door closer with maximum access comfort, in the event of panic like an escape route opener and in the event of smoke extraction like an SHEV opener.

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