Our premium class solves common problems encountered during lever handle installation

Our development and production experience with over 30 million lever handles worldwide makes it all possible: The ECO OKL Magis is currently the most innovative further development of our successful OKL bearing technology.

Certified in line with standards

OKL lever handle sets have completed more than one million application cycles at independent testing institutes without any issues. They are certified according to EN 1906, use category 4, approved for fire protection according to DIN 18273, and available in corrosion class 5.

Maintenance-free object fittings with ball-bearing technology

Our ECO OKL Magis object fittings with ball-bearing technology are our first port of call for the premium segment.

This precise ball bearing is a defining component of the high-quality object fitting. After all, a precise, maintenance-free, fully encapsulated grooved ball bearing, together with the flexible bearing, ensures well-balanced, play-free mounting of the lever handle and flexible adjustment to any door.

Perfectly balanced in function, design and handling

The new bearing technology guarantees that the door handle has no free play. The clear, pared-back design blends harmoniously into sophisticated door concepts while still creating subtle accents. As for the flexible new bearing, its compensating function always allows for adaptable offsetting against the door leaf.

The ECO OKL Magis solves common problems encountered during lever handle installation

Stable yet versatile, the flexible bearing ensures freedom of movement for the door.

Which handle will it be?

It goes without saying that many ECO Schulte knob and handle models can be combined with our new ECO OKL Magis rose.

Our engineering department creates custom shapes of handles and knobs in line with your ideas, whether it’s for a small project or on an industrial scale.


The brochure gives you an overview of our state-of-the-art bearing technology, along with all of the associated advantages and possibilities. You can take a look at the brochure using the zoom and scroll function directly in your browser or download it here (PDF).

All ECO brochures are available here as a PDF download.

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