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Spring pin

Tensioning and fixing of spring hinges

Fire doors are equipped with one spring hinge and one KO hinge from the factory. In order to dismantle the door leaf, the hinge bolts have to be expelled to the door centre. When spring hinge is tensioned, the locking pin has to be removed first.

If you want to tension the spring hinge, with the door leaf closed, you have to either insert
a) the spring pin into one of the drill holes or
b) an Allen key size 6 into the hexagon socket
of the spring hinge head and tension the spring by turning away from the door leaf and holding it in tensioned position by inserting the locking pin into one of the holes in the middle hinge knuckle. The pre-tension has to be adjusted so that the door leaf closes independently from an opening angle of approx. 30°. 

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