Surface-mounted Slide rails 2-leaf


ECO mounting versions – opposite hinge side

Door coordinator with electromagnetic hold-open device in active and passive leaf for all ECO Newton door closers

  • Hold-open point of the active leaf/passive leaf: Active leaf: max. 95º, passive leaf: max. 95º
  • Controlled via: 24 V DC
  • Minimum size passive leaf: 500 mm
  • Delivery: Incl. matching cover profile, without lever arm, this is part of the door closer
  • Installation of the system: Only on the opposite hinge side.
  • The use of the ECO MK 2 driver flap is required for full panic doors
  • Axis of rotation dimension: X = max. 95 mm
    (door thickness + hinge’s axis of rotation) For special models above 95 mm, please contact our technical support team.
  • Slide rails door coordinator: Ensures that the closing sequence of the passive and active leaf is in the prescribed order, i.e. the active leaf always closes after the passive leaf.
  • Electromagnetic hold-open device: In the active and passive leaf. When the active leaf is opened, it is detected electromagnetically. If the passive leaf is also opened, this is also detected electromagnetically. At the same time, the integrated door coordinator is activated and locks the active leaf. The active leaf magnet switches off, both door leaves remain open.
  • Tested according to: EN 1155 and EN 1158
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