OBX-18-1532/120-FD TZ

OBX-18-1532/120-FD – Project hinges Horizon – OBX-18 rebated

ECO Horizon object hinge OBX-18-1532/120-FD TZ (load-bearing stud)

  • For rebated soundproof doors on wood, steel or aluminium frames
  • For OBX frame boxes adjustable in three dimensions
  • Concealed, permanently mounted rotating axis, so no pin fixation required
  • Wear- and maintenance-free ball bearing technology for absorbing radial and axial forces
  • Perfectly closed hinge knuckle without cover head
  • Suitable for use on FH doors
  • DIN left/DIN right, can be used without conversion work
  • EN 1935: 14 / 160 kg
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