The Hamburg airport is the oldest airport of Germany – and the fifth largest one. Terminal 1 is the latest terminal building of the two existing ones. It was inaugurated in 2005. Amongst others a rainwater utilization system that supplies sanitation and a so called ThermoLabyrinth, which reliefs the climate control system through geothermal energy.


User-friendliness, adherence to the demanded escape route standards in combination with the durability of the systems neessary for airport requirements.

Our solution:

System technology for the door. All mechanic components at the door are perfectly balanced and operate smoothly.

Hamburg Airport
Terminal 1, New building

Hamburg, Germany

Architekturbüro gmp Gerkan, Marg und Partner


Products used

ECO Newton TS-61 Closing force 5 – 6 to EN - SG, ES, ÖB

GBS 15


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