The Hilton Dresden is situated in the heart of the historical city of Dresden at the Neumarkt, between the famous "Frauenkirche" and the "Bruehlschen Terassen". It was formerly also known as "Dresdner Hof".


The hotel was already built in 1987 until 1989. In 2009 and 2011, it was completely refurbished in several steps. Current EN standards and adjustments had to be taken into account when planning the new design - especially with regard to safe escape and rescue routes.

Our solution

In the context of this refurbishment, the hotel was equipped wiht over 100 standard-conform panicsystems as well as first-class handle sets. Through this, the hotel ensures that persons can escape from dangerous areas even in panic situations safely. A slight push upon the horizontal element or the panic handle are enough to open the door - regardless of whether the door was locked or not. Lock and activation element have been developed with the aim to ensure a smooth interaction.

Hilton Dresden Refurbishment

Dresden, Germany

Architekten Ottenberg Berlin, Walter Lewin und NCC Schweden


Products used




Equipped with a U-shaped latch, the D-110 fittings series can be harmoniously integrated into the overall shape of any door.

GBS 91

GBS 91

  • Automatic self-engaging mortise lock with panic function
  • Stainless steel latches and dead bolt
  • Closed lock case with 3-fold fastening with protection bushes
  • Suitable for fire- and smoke control doors
  • Tested and approved acc. to EN 179,  [...]

EPN 2000 II - Touchbar

EPN 2000 II

  • Tested acc. to EN 1125, EN 1634
  • Can be used according to EN 1125 only with tested and
    approved lock
  • Suitable for the use on fire- and smoke control doors
    according testing
  • Screw-on version
  • DIN left / right usable
  • Finish:

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