The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park is leading the transformation of Hong Kong into Asia's hub for technology innovation.


Green technology is one of the key technology clusters, and Phase 3, the new eco-friendly development in the Science Park, exemplifies the commitment to a sustainable future. The development is itself one of the largest showcases of sustainable construction practice in Hong Kong. The facilities at Phase 3 have been designed to be carbon neutral over its lifetime, using the key design principles of reduction, efficiency and generation. Every building incorporates the latest green technologies and sustainable building design, with a focus on cost-effective energy-saving measures.

Our solution

The Phase 3 development is using ECO door handles and besides this also ECO Newton door closer and coordinators. The handles and door closers have been certified with the “Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)”. The EPD is a standardized way quantifying the environmental impact of a product and was also issued for other product groups. Sustainability is a very important aspect for ECO and we are proud that our products are integrated in one of the largest sustainable constructions in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Science &
Technology Park, Phase 3

Hong Kong, China

Simon Kwan & Associates Ltd., Hong Kong


Products used

ECO Newton TS-61 Closing force 5 – 6 to EN - SG, ES, ÖB

ECO Newton TS-41





ECO Newton TS-50 (1-5)

ECO Newton TS-20

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