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All the design you could possibly want

In architecture, there are many products whose quality lies in the fact that they do not draw attention to themselves – just take our classic U- and L-shaped lever handles, for example. You simply can’t go wrong with these, and users quickly learn to trust the way they look and feel. That said, individual accents can still be created by varying the material and shape of the door handle. Our subsidiary Randi produces architectural designs for impressive architecture. Raw Scandinavian design all the way through to bespoke pieces with a strong character.

This is how we refer to a functional design that is more pared back in favour of prioritising architecture and space. ECO Schulte products embody a classic design language that is subtle, simple and balanced. They convey a sense of order and security, reliability, and – of course – quality.

The most perfect form of integrative design is achieved when the product is barely noticeable within the overall architectural concept, as is the case with the ITS Multi-Genius door closer, which is installed inside the door leaf.

Our OKL Magis premium fittings also blend seamlessly into high-quality architecture. They look unobtrusively elegant and precise on the door leaf, with a smooth surface of matt brushed stainless steel and clearly defined rose edges that protrude a mere 9 mm.

Perfect down to the last detail: the direction of the lines in the metallic surfaces is identical on all product parts. This creates intrinsic value that can be seen as well as felt.


Our subsidiary Randi creates the most unusual raw designs. The Randi design programme brings together designs by Scandinavian architects and architectural offices to create that special accent on the door. Our ECO Schulte UNIQUE series demonstrates that this is also suitable for heavy-duty projects.

As part of the ECO Schulte Group, the Danish door handle specialist Randi develops individual custom solutions. Randi has a long tradition in ‘authored’ design, which allows our partners from the world of architecture and the door industry to come up with lever handles of their very own.

The company looks at every last detail to determine exactly how the door fits into the overall architectural context.

Time and again, our products are awarded with prestigious design prizes in recognition of our innovative spirit. In addition to exceptional functionality, we also offer excellent design and provide aesthetic guidance in the jungle that is the door market.

ECO image book

The ECO image book has been designed to showcase our diverse range of skills in a clear and tangible way.

ECO Schulte is a family business with its own production facilities. With us by your side, you can PLAN any door situation, create an appealing DESIGN, and even connect it to a NETWORK. We also DEVELOP custom solutions.

You can take a look at the image book using the zoom and scroll function directly in your browser or download it here (PDF).

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