Networking doors

Electronics for intelligent door management

Today, the door represents a central element of the building management system. At the same time, however, electronic door systems are also used decentrally. The technological cooperation we enjoy with our partners creates open-interface systems that are capable of handling every requirement and so can guarantee future-proof solutions.

Doors control access into and movement within a building. They can be automated and integrated into the building management system. This allows visitor flows to be effectively controlled, both in everyday situations as well as in emergencies.

We call this ITM – intelligent door management.

We combine mechanics, mechatronics and IT to deliver comprehensive revolutionary packages complete with the corresponding engineering and service products.

ITM is our answer to complex tasks

Each building individually reflects the use, needs and aesthetic values of architects, owners and users alike. This is why, behind every door, there is an extensive catalogue of requirements made up of various different functionalities and safety aspects. Networked doors are the ideal solution for complex tasks. The level of networking must be developed on a case-by-case basis for each building.

We achieve the required functionalities by specialising in each discipline. ECO Schulte has the necessary expertise for comprehensive, door-based system technology and works together with competent medium-sized partners in the ITM.

Further information on ITM is available here.

ITM – intelligent door management

ECO image book

The ECO image book has been designed to showcase our diverse range of skills in a clear and tangible way.

ECO Schulte is a family business with its own production facilities. With us by your side, you can PLAN any door situation, create an appealing DESIGN, and even connect it to a NETWORK. We also DEVELOP custom solutions.

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