This ensures hygiene and accessibility

The sensor-controlled ETS 42 opens doors without contact

The safest form of hand hygiene is simply to avoid touching anything

The combination of sensor buttons with electric motor swing door drives offers contactless hygiene concepts in public or semi-public WC facilities – from the entrance door to the individual cubicle.

The doors are controlled via clearly labelled sensor buttons whose detection field can be adjusted from 0.1 to 0.5 metres in depth. The buttons have protection class IP 65.

Hands off!

Thomas Schwerdtfeger on barrier-free and contactless door systems in sanitary environments and WCs

Small, lightweight and powerful – for all doors

The ETS 42 is the optimal solution for operating both the exterior WC doors and the doors to the individual WC cubicles.

It is suitable for doors weighing up to 150 kg, and is the smallest drive in a series of drives for doors weighing up to 400 kg.

We have recently fitted the ETS 42 with a new slide rail and arm. This significantly reduces the overall height of the system, creating new application possibilities in confined spaces with narrow door profiles. Measuring just 70 x 125 x 730 mm, the ETS 42 offers extremely compact housing dimensions.

The ETS 42 is robust and durable. Tested to 1 million opening cycles, it is more than suitable for continuous use.

Full power
For heavily frequented doors, such as the exterior door of the WC facility, we recommend the ‘Full power’ operating mode. This enables faster movement sequences, but requires monitoring of the movement area by safety sensors.

To this end, we offer an infrared sensor bar and the Flatscan, which monitors the running time of the laser light: If the sensors detect an obstacle, the drive stops and goes into reverse.

Low energy
The second operating mode of the swing door drive is suitable for private areas, individual offices and also for WC cubicle doors.


A contactless push button is all that is needed on the outside. This displays an opening symbol: If the cubicle is free, a green ring lights up around the symbol.


Two push buttons are installed in the cubicle.

The first is used to open the door from the inside and corresponds to the button on the outside in terms of appearance and function.

The second button is required to lock the door. A lock symbolises the current status: The ring around the symbol lights up red (locked) or green (unlocked).

The chances of accidentally opening the door are minimal, as this would require both buttons to be pressed simultaneously.

In the event of a power failure, the cabin doors function like normal mechanical doors and can be opened from the inside.

“Our ETS sensor WC combination is a real problem solver:  It allows a WC facility to be converted to touch-free operation without too much effort.”

Thomas Schwerdtfeger, Product Manager

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Product information

The ECO ETS is the perfect electric motor drive for even heavy interior and exterior doors.

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