Slide rail with continuous cover, electromagnetic hold-open, integrated smoke detector with optical pre-information about dirt level and automatic calibration to avoid false alarms for ECO Newton TS-61, TS-41 **

  • Compatible for smoke detector type: DRM ORS 142, TDS 247
  • Controlled by: Integrated smoke detector with power supply. Supply voltage: 230 V AC
  • Hold open angle: Approx. 70° to 145°
  • Power consumption in hold-open position: Max. 2 W
  • Power consumption in closed position: 1 W
  • Scope of delivery: Incl. arm for slide rail B for TS-61 **
  • Mounting: Only hinge side
  • Slide rail: Tested acc. to EN 1155 and approved by DIBt

** When using the door closer TS-41, the correct arm has to be ordered.

rdda_win12_rgb.jpg 72_gda_no_4c_white-blue.jpg

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