Closing sequence selector with electromagnetic hold-open in the passive leaf for ECO Newton TS-61, TS-41 **

  • Hold open angle for passive leaf and active leaf Active leaf: Approx. 70º to 145º, Passive leaf: 70º to 130º
  • Power consumption in hold-open position: Supply voltage 24 V DC, max. 1 W
  • Minimum size passive leaf: 360 mm (for TS-41) bzw. 400 mm (for TS-61)
  • Scope of delivery: Incl. corresponding cover profile and arm for slide rail B for TS-61**
    • Slide rail closing sequence selector: The closing sequence selector ensures, that the door leafs are closing in the correct order. E.g.: the passive leaf first, active leaf last.
    • Electromagnetic hold-open: In the passive leaf. The active leaf is not held open separately. If the passive leaf is also opened, this is held open electromagnetically and the integrated closing sequence selector activated. This now stops the active leaf in any desired position (70 – 145°). This means that both leafs can stand open when in use (IBO).
  • Tested acc. to: EN 1155 and EN 1158.
  • Mounting: Only hinge side.

** When using the door closer TS-41, the correct arm has to be ordered.

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