MOOM / made out of mussels

Sustainable, recyclable - and always unique

The material innovation MOOM brings more sustainability to the door - with high haptic and aesthetic quality.

MOOM consists of 90 percent granulated mussel shells. This gives the surface a homogeneous, marble-like structure and makes each handle unique.

„We wanted to find a material that was never seen in the market before in terms of making door handles.“

Torben Jensen, CEO of Randi A/S, explains the development of MOOM - made out of mussels.

“I grew up in the construction industry. My close family were carpenters and architects. Therefore the conversations in the family were often about navigating the construction industry and future requirements.”

Bjarne Hammer — Designer of Moom

„And the winner is: MOOM!“

MOOM won the Architecture + Construction Innovation Award of the trade journal AIT at BAU 2023
- and succeeded against 136 innovations from 70 companies.

The architecture and design competition rewards products and solutions that particularly meet the needs of architects.

The jury of experts recognised this: Not only has an aesthetic product been developed here - MOOM also fulfils the requirements of architects in the field of sustainability.

A simple recipe:
Crushed mussel shells and recycled plastic bottles

The climate crisis requires new, climate-friendly solutions in all areas of life and production. The UN and the Paris Climate Agreement aim for drastic CO₂ reductions by 2030 on the way to CO₂ neutrality.

With this in mind, the Danish studio Hammer has developed a new composite material that is located on the lowest rung of the material pyramid. It consists of 90 per cent crushed mussel shells and recycled plastic bottles as well as a biomaterial.

Mussel shells absorb CO₂ and are a residual product of industrial food production. Normally, they are considered waste with no use value. Plastic waste also accumulates in large quantities - so it is important to recycle and reuse it.

The innovative composite material bears the name MOOM / made out of mussels.

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