Our philosophy

Doors have complex functions and tasks. They open and close rooms. They provide security yet can be passed through.

We champion the interaction of all elements on the door: Handles, door closers, locks and hinges.

With ECO Schulte products, you get components that are perfectly matched to each other. As such, we guarantee you standard-compliant, holistic safety.

“In dangerous situations, people must be able to leave a building safely. All our developments and products are based on this – individually and together.”

Ernst Schulte

Company founder


We develop continuously and creatively

We make security even safer!

ECO Schulte is among the top 100 most innovative companies in Germany. We champion continuous, creative progress.

Our systematic research and development work is essential in achieving this. Like our products, it is based on our company’s guiding principle: protecting human life.

“Our production methods must be intelligent, economical and environmentally friendly. This is the only way we can ensure a future worth living. We achieve this thanks to committed people who think and work uncompromisingly when combining quality and environmental protection.”

Schulte family


We assume responsibility

ECO Schulte is committed to sustainable development.  We evaluate all processes across our group of companies according to ecological principles. We are constantly making improvements.

Our responsibility extends from packaging, production and products through to all our employees’ work processes.

“Our product system guarantees standard-compliant security and functionality. For us, security is indivisible: We not only secure buildings. We also secure people's lives in escape and panic situations.”

Heinz Schulte

Managing Director, Sales & Marketing


We are developing from today into tomorrow

ECO Schulte is developing the future from the present. And has been doing so since 1926. An ongoing design process has resulted in our current quality level. As such, we value differentiation as well as market and customer orientation.

The company is managed by the current generation of the Schulte family. This ensures continuity in the long term.

“We are a modern industrial company with high development and manufacturing competence. We not only find a technical and innovative solution for our customers - but also one that can be produced economically, sustainably and in line with market requirements. The basis for this is our more than 70 years of development competence in the field of system technology for doors. This has made us one of the TOP 100 innovators.”

Tobias Schulte

Managing Director, Export Sales & ECO China


We are open for new markets and opportunities.

ECO Schulte sees the world as a whole. Our reliable production and distribution network in Europe and Asia has evolved following our consistent expansion strategy.

The ECO product range is developed in close cooperation with markets and customers. We combine our high quality awareness with various international specifications and standards.

„The efficient growth of the company is not only about profitability. Agile processes, good communication, and especially the professional and human support of our employees are important along the way.“

Andrea Widmann


As a family business, we know: We work and develop as a living organism consisting of all employees and their environment. To this end, we create good structures and continuously develop them further. Because we know where we come from - and where we are going.

"Digitization will continue to have a strong impact on our industry in the coming years. As a family business, we are rising to this challenge: We have firmly anchored digitization in our strategy. That's why we review our products, processes and organization every day - and make them more efficient and digital."

Daniel Hirschberg

Member of the Management Board

Industry 4.0 and Building 4.0 are more than just buzzwords,
They describe a genuine cultural change. Digitization affects the entire construction value chain and is an interdisciplinary joint task for all stakeholders. We develop digital strategies for the future - internally and externally.

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