System safety – ECO Schulte offers more than just individual components

We are committed to technology on the door. In doing so, we have adopted a holistic approach: ECO Schulte is one of the few system providers worldwide.

We work closely with partners in industry and trade. Together, we coordinate optimised products and technologies. This enables us to guarantee the highest possible functionality and safety.

Our product range is complete. It includes door closers and hinges, locks and handles, mechanics and automation.

We consider the door to be a complex security system.

Why is the system solution
on the door so important?

“Doors save lives in an emergency. All components must therefore be perfectly coordinated. Our system technology provides the necessary security.

In addition to developing our products and technologies, we have always worked closely with door manufacturers. After all, doors are central to the system.”

Ernst Schulte
Company founder

“Consider a door system in a hospital: It has a service life of approximately 20 years. During this time, not only are the handle and door closer used a great deal, but so too are the hinges and lock. That is why we always consider the door as a complete system.

Security on the door is integral:  Even one inferior component can affect the system – and prevent lives from being saved.”


Tobias Schulte
Company founder