They are mandatory in public buildings – especially for all emergency exits and fire barrier doors. This is where safety is ensured by having a standardised system in place. After all, it is only through the interaction of all key elements that the effectiveness of emergency exits and escape routes can be guaranteed.

ECO Schulte creates safety solutions of the highest standard. We develop and manufacture our products in line with the latest European standards – and even advise architects and planners on how to implement them. We are your experts for standard-compliant safety and fire protection.

EN standards at a glance

No planner’s desk should be without it: Our standards guide is available as a PDF download or via the zoom and scroll function to provide you with an overview of all relevant standards. Clear, reliable and to the point.

EN 1125 for panic locks with horizontal operating release bar

Panic locks are used in places where people who are unfamiliar with the area are present and dangerous situations can arise – for example, in buildings with heavy public traffic. This is where the EN 1125 standard comes in to protect human life in emergency and panic situations.

EN 179 for emergency exit locks with lever handle and push pad

Emergency exit locks are used where people with local knowledge are present and a panic situation can arise – for example, in residential, office and commercial buildings. This standard requires that the people concerned are familiar with the escape routes and know how to use the emergency exit locks.

EN 1906 for lever handles and door knobs

This standard covers door fittings designed for heavy-duty use. High resistance and extreme resilience are properties that ensure a higher level of safety in public buildings.

EN 1154 for door closing devices with a controlled closing sequence

This standard ensures that a manually opened door closes again automatically. Door closers that are compliant with EN 1154 ensure reliable and controlled closing of swing doors.

EN 1155 for electrically operated hold-open devices for hinged doors

The standard defines the requirements for door closers used on fire or smoke control doors. When door closers are compliant with EN 1155, they minimise the spread of fire and smoke by automatically triggering the closing process in case of fire.

EN 1158 for door coordinators

This standard describes the door coordination for hinged double-leaf fire/smoke protection doors that have to be capable of closing reliably and consistently.

EN 1935 for single-axis door and window hinges

This standard classifies hinges according to the type of stress and other relevant criteria, including the permissible torque, fire resistance, and weight of the door or window leaf.

EN 12209 for mechanically operated locks and strike plates

This standard creates a uniform regulation for the diverse range of locks and strike plates.

Keep track of the applicable standards

Our standards guide is an essential addition to every planner’s desk. In times of constantly changing and increasing requirements, our standards guide offers reliable information on relevant EN standards.

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