ECO Newton TS-61 G

Door closer with slide rails

ECO Newton TS-61 G EN 3–6

Closing force 3–6 according to EN - SG, ES, ÖD, SV

  • Tested and certified in accordance with EN 1154
  • EN 3 – 6 leaf widths up to 1,400 mm
  • Leaf weights up to 120 kg in accordance with
  • Extended leaf weights up to 250 kg (separate, object-specific assessment with manufacturer’s declaration by ECO Support/PM)
  • DIN-L = DIN-R usability
  • Sufficient power reserve even with large doors
  • Greater door weights up to 300 kg (object-specific manufacturer’s declaration from ECO necessary)
  • Integrated, adjustable delayed action (120°–70°)
  • DIN 18040 (requirements on the construction of accessible buildings) up to EN 4
  • Optimised lever arm, 4 mm
  • New slide rail GS-H, height-adjustable with hidden screw attachment
  • Optional slide rail for opposite hinge side – ECO GS-STM, for screwing directly into the transom
    (the previous SFW is no longer required)
  • Optional, extended slide rail and lever arm for oppo- site hinge side – ECO GS-HF for special doors with door thicknesses up to 120 mm (X dimension)
  • Optional, adjustable latch-locking device (no FS/RS) ECO FKL-E
  • Optional ECO ÖB GS-H back-check for smooth braking of the door – can also be used outdoors (mounting instructions with wind load tool)

Frame installation Direct installation

GS-H Direct installation
GS-H Adaptation profile
GS-H Lintel bracket
GS-HF Direct installation (X-dimension > 95 mm)
GS-HF Adaptation profile (X-dimension > 95 mm)
GS-HF Lintel bracket (X-dimension > 95 mm)