The door represents the first point of contact that people have with a building, and everyone knows that first impressions count.

Simplicity and flexibility.

Lever handles are considered a very special element of the interior fixtures and fittings, and not just by architects – maybe because they open up not only a door, but also a whole new world.

Lever handles are an element that people constantly see and touch. Does it look nice, is it pleasant to touch, does its shape represent the visualisation of a concept or even a world view?

Architects for architects.

Creating the best possible function using the most suitable material and the simplest expression is what the products from Randi A/S are all about.

This Scandinavian design by leading architectural offices fits perfectly with ECO system technology for the door in terms of design and technology.

Phoenixwerk Dortmund

In the midst of the historic Phoenix West site, where steel was still being produced up until a few years ago, a pioneering new office ensemble has been built directly between the Phoenix hall and the blast furnace.

View the Phoenixwerk project

Komé lever handle

ECO was involved in the planning at a very early stage and was able to successfully support the design of the windows and doors. Optical accents were set by the Komé design fitting in stainless steel with highlights in matt black.

View the Komé series

How can bespoke door and window fittings meet the requirements of sophisticated building architecture?

A conversation with Christoph Helbich, SHA Scheffler Helbich Architekten GmbH on the collaboration at PhoenixWERK, Dortmund.

In use worldwide

Builders and investors around the globe are working alongside architects and planners to bring demanding projects to life, with smart solutions for dealing with doors always high on the priority list. Our philosophy for reliable and systematic door security can be found in contemporary architecture as well as in impressive hotels, public buildings, private residences, royal castles, homes and even stadiums.

When talk turns to doors, it’s never long before someone mentions ECO Schulte.

Whether as own-brand products in their own right or as an OEM partner product of renowned door manufacturers, the functional ECO Schulte solutions are the solid choice worldwide when it comes to door hardware.

Reference projects overview

Puma Headquarters, Herzogenaurach

SWS Infinity Office, Düsseldorf

Motel One Berlin

Award-winning: Our door system has been offering the perfect combination of function and design for almost 100 years.

ECO Newton

ECO Magis Wing

ECO Schulte hold-open systems

OBX 20

Randi Wing

ECO Magis Wing

Randi Nordic Straight

The ECO Schulte world revolves around door technology. As one of only a very few system suppliers worldwide, the company takes a holistic approach. ECO Schulte is constantly developing new technologies without losing sight of the interplay between all components in the door system.

The door is a complex safety structure: It offers protection for the things that matter most, such as life and limb, not to mention assets that deserve the very best quality and maximum functional reliability.

When it comes to doors, only the best is good enough – ECO Schulte.

No matter whether the door is steel, wooden or profiled, we know every last requirement inside out and supply the right hardware for every application.

As a system provider covering all aspects of service, we create holistic solutions and ensure consistency throughout the building thanks to our network within the door industry. We also ensure compliance with all standards while maintaining a keen eye on functionality, design and safety.

From the initial planning phase all the way through to the final inspection and approval on site, we will always be right by your side.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Technical support
  • Support with the preparation of service specifications
  • Support with the preparation of door lists and technical drawings
  • Development of product concepts or custom solutions
  • On-site sampling
  • Communication with qualified installation partners
  • Supervision of the installation / inspection and approval of our products

ECO Schulte – Your partner for safe buildings – worldwide

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Further ECO Schulte applications


ECO OGL Long plates

Our high-quality long plates with maintenance-free object plastic plain bearing.


FTS-R III - free swing door closer

ECO FTS III / ECO FTS-R III – The free swing door closer, for all installation situations



We take a holistic view of the hardware on the door. After all, perfect function and standard-compliant security can only be achieved when all elements work together. This is the basic idea behind our harmonised system technology.


ECO Newton TS-61 (3-6)

The new standard in the building sector: The ECO Newton TS-61 (3-6) is THE door closer, because it is always the right one in the building market.



The lever handle is a very special design element, and not just for architects - perhaps because it opens up not just a door, but a world.


ITM — Intelligent door management

Intelligent door management: The door is part of the building system. We offer everything required to integrate the door into the building management system


Panic exit device

With the ECO Guardian EPN 2000 III, you will never have the wrong product on site again, as it can be shortened on site. This also makes stock-keeping easier and clearer.


ECO Schulte Unique

For the first time, outstanding Scandinavian design has been adapted to the ECO Schulte OGL Click storage technology, which has proven itself millions of times over.



OKL Magis

Our development and production experience with over 30 million door handles worldwide makes it possible: the ECO OKL Magis is currently the most innovative further development of our successful OKL storage technology.


ETS 42 WC solution

Not touching anything is the safest form of hand hygiene. The combination of sensor buttons with electromotive swing door drives enables touch-free hygiene concepts in public or semi-public toilet facilities - from the entrance door to the individual toilet cubicle.



Doors must also be secure in places where people with less strength live: Nursing homes, hospitals, kindergartens. Maximising accessibility also means that heavy doors can be opened safely and easily.


FTA ECO-Vent - RWA escape route security

FTA ECO-VENT - In hazardous situations, building doors must fulfil a wide range of requirements safely. If escape route security needs to be combined with smoke/heat extraction (SHEV), our new FTA ECO-Vent is the perfect and safe solution.