OGL long plates: Highest quality and durability:

Our high-quality long plate handles with maintenance-free plastic friction bearing for commercial buildings.

At ECO Schulte, we know that quality and durability are crucial when it comes to door furniture. Our high-quality long plates have been developed with the greatest care and offer you an unbeatable combination of class 4 resistance, reliable fire protection, and outstanding durability.

Durability and quality - We focus on the highest quality according to EN 1906 user class 4.
Stability even for heavy doors - High-strength connection due to grooved square spindle.
Tangible variety - Our long plates are available in a wide range of lever handles and knobs.
  • User class 4 (EN 1906, Highest class)
    Our long plates meet the strict requirements of the EN 1906 standard and achieve the highest user class 4, ensuring exceptional robustness and resistance.
  • 200,000 test cycles (EN 1906, highest class)
    ECO Schulte's long plates are designed for permanent use and meet the highest requirements in accordance with the EN 1906 long-term function.
  • High-strength connection (Square spindle with longitudinal groove)
    The grooved square spindle on fittings ensures a high-strength connection (pin/handle). Fixing is done with a "grub screw with pin". Here, the pin cuts into the pin groove.
  • DIN 18273 approved & suitable for fire and noise protection doors
    Our long plates meet strict security standards, are monitored by the testing institute and enable protection & security of your premises in any situation, even in case of fire.
  • EN 179 tested depending on handle shape
    We understand that every door has its own requirements. That is why our long plates are of course EN 179 tested, depending on the shape of the lever handle.
  • Maintenance-free OGL friction bearing
    This commercial building fitting has a maintenance-free plastic friction bearing.
  • With spring assistance type A
    It allows the handle to return smoothly and automatically to its original position.
  • DIN left/DIN right usable
    Whether DIN left or DIN right, we have the right solution for your individual needs.
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Depending on the type of hinge, a distinction is made between left-opening doors and right-opening doors.
If the hinges are on the left side of the door, it is a DIN left door
If the hinges are on the right-hand side, the door is a DIN right- door.

Door DIN left

  • Door hinge left
  • Handle pointing left

Door DIN right

  • Door hinge right
  • Handle pointing right

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Doors must also be secure in places where people with less strength live: Nursing homes, hospitals, kindergartens. Maximising accessibility also means that heavy doors can be opened safely and easily.


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