One for all!*

ECO Newton TS-61

The new standard in the building sector: The ECO Newton TS-61 (3-6) is THE door closer, because it is always the right one in the building market.

*The TS-61 (3-6) covers 90% of all single-leaf doors.
Closing time delay is always onboard as standard.
No problem with retrofitting: the drilling template is based on the market standard.
  • Adjustable closing force
    EN 3 - 6
  • Slide rail height adjustable
    +/- 2 mm directly on site
  • Closing time delay (180 - 70°)
    always onboard
  • Proven a thousand times over
    The new TS-61 (3-6) replaces the previous models TS-61 (2-5) and (5-6)
  • Compliant with standards
    Tested according to EN 1154
  • System solution
    Complete system solution together with our ECO FTS III
    As a 2-leaf system also together with our ECO FTS-R III
  • Continuously adjustable at the front
    Latching speed, closing speed, back-check and closing time delay
  • Only 49 mm
    Construction depth, including mounting plate
  • 4 mm thin
    Optimised lever arm
  • Extended door leaf weights up to 250 kg
    (separate, building-related evaluation with manufacturer's declaration by ECO Support / Product Management)

slide rail, height-adjustable (GS-H)

Up to 4 mm, for adaptation to construction tolerances on site with end caps in identical colours for invisible screw connection

ECO special slide rail for strong doors (GS-HF)

With extended slide rail for installation on opposite hinge side on special doors with door thicknesses up to 100 mm (X-dimension up to 120 mm)


ECO slide rail for lintel installation (GS-STM)

Installation advantage
No need for lintel bracket, reduction in screw connections, faster installation

Functional advantage
An adjustable opening limiter (ECO ÖB SR III) is already integrated in the ECO GS-STM

Static advantage
The full-surface support of the GS-STM on the frame (direct installation) prevents the tilting moment in the lintel bracket

Visual advantage
No visible lintel bracket, no colour differences, no visible screws at the front

Additional safety
By omitting the lintel bracket, the clear passage height is extended = reduction of the risk of injury


ECO opening limiter in the slide rail (ÖB GS III)

Slide rail with mechanically universally adjustable opening limitation ÖB GS III.
The limiting angle can be adjusted by sliding it in the slide rail.
Optimised opening damper with new ­material for ­optimum cushioning of the opening forces of the door.

Assembly drawings

Direct installation
Adaptation profile

Frame installation direct installation
Frame installation lintel bracket

*Required field

The new door closer TS-61 (3-6) together with our free swing door closer FTS III - a fantastic complete system solution.

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Further ECO Schulte applications


ECO OGL Long plates

Our high-quality long plates with maintenance-free object plastic plain bearing.


FTS-R III - free swing door closer

ECO FTS III / ECO FTS-R III – The free swing door closer, for all installation situations



We take a holistic view of the hardware on the door. After all, perfect function and standard-compliant security can only be achieved when all elements work together. This is the basic idea behind our harmonised system technology.


ECO Newton TS-61 (3-6)

The new standard in the building sector: The ECO Newton TS-61 (3-6) is THE door closer, because it is always the right one in the building market.



The lever handle is a very special design element, and not just for architects - perhaps because it opens up not just a door, but a world.


ITM — Intelligent door management

Intelligent door management: The door is part of the building system. We offer everything required to integrate the door into the building management system


Panic exit device

With the ECO Guardian EPN 2000 III, you will never have the wrong product on site again, as it can be shortened on site. This also makes stock-keeping easier and clearer.


ECO Schulte Unique

For the first time, outstanding Scandinavian design has been adapted to the ECO Schulte OGL Click storage technology, which has proven itself millions of times over.



OKL Magis

Our development and production experience with over 30 million door handles worldwide makes it possible: the ECO OKL Magis is currently the most innovative further development of our successful OKL storage technology.


ETS 42 WC solution

Not touching anything is the safest form of hand hygiene. The combination of sensor buttons with electromotive swing door drives enables touch-free hygiene concepts in public or semi-public toilet facilities - from the entrance door to the individual toilet cubicle.



Doors must also be secure in places where people with less strength live: Nursing homes, hospitals, kindergartens. Maximising accessibility also means that heavy doors can be opened safely and easily.


FTA ECO-Vent - RWA escape route security

FTA ECO-VENT - In hazardous situations, building doors must fulfil a wide range of requirements safely. If escape route security needs to be combined with smoke/heat extraction (SHEV), our new FTA ECO-Vent is the perfect and safe solution.