For the very first time, outstanding Scandinavian design has been combined with ECO Schulte bearing technology OGL Click, which has been proven a million times over.



The ‘Scandinavian Hand’

The lever handle is essentially the first point of direct contact for people entering a building, so design, material and feel all play an important role. This is why architects often spend a great deal of time considering what handles to use. After all, a lever handle represents a subliminal factor in determining whether a person feels welcome and comfortable in a building.

The Danish design company Randi complements the high standards of quality and sophisticated design upheld by the door system specialist ECO Schulte from Menden, Germany, with lever handles and window handles from Randi blending seamlessly into the ECO Schulte system architecture.

Scandinavian design is all about functional elegance and simple beauty, so it is unsurprising that the Danish brand’s product series are recognised by professionals worldwide for their premium aesthetics and engineering. In fact, many products have even received prestigious design awards.

ECO Schulte UNIQUE brochure

Another exceptional lever handle is the Nordic by architect and designer Lars Vejen, which recently picked up several design awards.

With its simple geometric shapes, it combines stainless steel with natural birch bark, one of the oldest renewable materials that naturally contain high levels of antibacterial substances.

The handle welcomes visitors, as the architect himself puts it, with the warmth and tenderness of a handshake.

“The handle offers a perfect balance between form and function and welcomes visitors with the warmth and tenderness of a handshake.”

Lars Vejen, Architect & Designer

The Komé by C.F. Møller Architects from Aarhus, Denmark, is a real modern classic, with a simple, angular shape that saw it pick up the iF Product Design Award 2009.

The lever handle forms the basis of a complete product series of window handles, push-pull handles, WC rose sets and other accessories, with which a building can be equipped throughout.

“Architects love the striking yet simple form of Komé. The feedback we hear time and again is that this lever handle is highly contemporary without trying to be fashionable, and that it would be impossible to tire of its simple, unobtrusive shape in the long run.”

Dennis Hogrebe, Product Manager

1 Designing a bespoke lever handle gives architects and designers enormous freedom: it allows them to influence the overall architectural coherence down to the last detail.

2 The Danish door handle specialist Randi offers architects and the door industry the opportunity to develop individual, bespoke solutions. Randi has a long tradition in ‘authored’ design; time and again, successful series products have been created from what began as a unique specimen.

3 The experts at Randi Manufaktur examine the design while considering efficiency, the ergonomics of the door concept, and the relevant standards.

4 After a graphic visualisation of the design, 3D models are produced to test the ergonomics and haptics. The door handle is not produced until all properties, materials and surfaces have been optimised and harmonised.

“Brands need to be bold and open if they want to innovate with consistently great expertise and creativity. Success comes from moving with the times without losing sight of what makes them unique. With almost 150 years of company history to look back on, Randi is a prime example of how this can be achieved. The company has never forgotten its roots and has always remained true to itself.”

Jürgen Gaiser, Managing Partner and Head of Product Design, blocher partners

Randi Line® building block system + Randi Line® design + Randi planning

Randi fittings

The Randi Line® building block system offers everything at a glance, with the ability to combine all of the fittings flexibly with each other.
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The Randi Line® design brochure provides exciting background information on Scandinavian Randi design and the architects behind the products. It also highlights the links with the ECO Schulte system and covers the topic of ‘bespoke design by Randi’ (for customers to create their own lever handle).
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The Randi planning catalogue is for anyone who wants to know even more and serves as a basis for ordering. It provides further product details as well as useful information about materials, assembly and accessories.
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Your dedicated contact at Randi

If you have a specific request in mind or would simply like some more information, feel free to contact me directly by phone or email.

Dennis Hogrebe

Randi Product Management & Sales

+49 2373 9276-6092
 +49 151 57158579

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