In the centre of the historic Phoenix West site, where steel was produced just a few years ago, a pioneering office complex has been created directly between the Phoenixhalle and the blast furnace.

The two main buildings were to blend naturally into the historical surroundings and at the same time create a prestigious working environment for its users - including the planning architectural firm SHA. Sustainable construction, state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials were key components of the concept.

ECO ITS-630 (3-6)

ECO is proud to present the new ECO ITS-630 (3-6) to expand its range of concealed door closers. Engineered to handle large and heavy doors weighing up to 200 kg with a leaf width of up to 1,400 mm under EN 6 standards, the ECO ITS-630 (3-6) is a standout choice. 

Just like the ITS-420 (2-4), the ECO ITS-630 (3-6) is tested according to EN1154 and CE certified, making it suitable for installation in standard, fire protection and smoke control doors.


Dortmund, Germany

Object type:

SHA Scheffler Helbich Architekten GmbH

Door manufacturer:
Heroal, Neuform Türenwerk Hans Glock GmbH & Co. KG


ECO was involved in the planning at a very early stage and was able to successfully assist with the design of the windows and doors. The use of Komé designer fittings in stainless steel and partly in matt black set visual accents. The door closers were colour-matched to the black façade design and thus integrated inconspicuously into the raw frame doors. The access control requirements were incorporated in close consultation with the architect, client and electrician. The access doors are now released via a chip that can be programmed or blocked via a central administration centre.

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